Example for HTML Marquee Tag 🐕 PETEX India 7th Edition from 31st January to 2nd February 2025, HITEX Exhibition Center, Hyderabad.
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Exhibitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

Manufacturers / Dealers / Distributors / Retailers of Pet Products:

Showcase your latest pet products, from toys and accessories to grooming supplies and dietary essentials.


Bring the global pet market to our expo! 

Pet Service Providers:

Are you offering pet grooming, training, boarding, or veterinary services? Highlight your expertise and commitment to pet care.

Product Categories


Food, Treats, Bowls & Feeders, Pharma & Hygiene, Beds, Luxury, Toys, Grooming, Clothing & Accessories, Collar, Leashes & Harness, Boarding, Training, Insurance, Apps & Other Services.


Food, Treats, Litter, Beds, Houses & Trees, Pharma & Hygiene, Bowls & Feeders, Toys, Clothing & Accessories, Grooming & Other Services.

Aquarium Related​

Aquaria, Air pumps, Fish feed, Back screens, Resin Ornaments, Lights, Filters, Corals and Stones, Air Stones, Aquarium Thermometers, Fish Net, Tubing, Gravel Cleaners, Food timers, etc.


Bird Feed, Cages, Toys, Supplements, Seeds and Treats.


Premier exhibition for pet care products.
Integrated platform for B2B & B2C traders.
Get attention from top buyers, traders, pet owners & enthusiasts and media from across the country.
Best place to find partnerships for your pet business
Showcase your entire product range to top buyers and strengthen your brand visibility.
Generate highly targeted business leads.
Introduce new products and assess customer interest.

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