Pawga is India's first pet yoga for human and animal welfare. At Pawga, one practices beginner's yoga as puppies/kittens from the shelter run around them. It is not doing yoga with the pets, rather it is doing yoga along with the pets.

The best part about Pawga is that all the pets you see here are up for adoption and fostering programs. Pawga was started with the sole aim of shifting the focus on shelter pets and giving them a different spotlight. We don't force anyone to adopt at Pawga, but we ask them to experience and if, only if, they want to adopt they can change a shelter pet's life forever by giving them a forever home.

Pawga falls in the union of animal and human welfare. By spending time with animals, humans understand to stay in the moment, go with the flow, and also release any stress they hold on to. By practicing yoga, it helps introduce movement in a non-intimidating way to anyone who wants to start their fitness journey. On the other hand, the puppies who seldom get to meet humans at shelters can overcome early-stage depression by getting more sociable as they meet humans regularly through Pawga.

A portion of the proceeds from the tickets goes towards the welfare of animals at the shelter. In a way, this makes anyone who comes to Pawga, from a five-year-old to a fifty-year-old, contribute to animal welfare.

Pawga is not only a stress-buster but an adoption drive, a shout-out for mental health in humans and animals, and a love letter to shelter pets who deserve all the love and comfort a forever home can give them.

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27th November 2022 First Session
(10am to 11am)

27th November 2022 Second Session
(12pm to 1pm)

28th November 2022 First Session
(10am to 11am)

28th November 2022 Second Session
(12pm to 1pm)

29th November 2022 First Session
(10am to 11am)

29th November 2022 Second Session
(12pm to 1pm)

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